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Jakub Kuszlik
piano recital Chopin and More

25.09.2022, 6:30 pm
The Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, ul. Konopnickiej 26

program: Fr. Chopin, J. Brahms

Piano recital “Chopin and More” by Jakub Kuszlik is filled with masterpieces of music from the Romantic era. Chopin's style, at times full of humour and lightness, at other times lively and dramatic, but always strongly permeated with Polish elements, definitely contrasts with the language of Brahms, which is always closer to philosophical reflection than to salon gallantry or folk singing.

The piano works of Chopin and Brahms are two different worlds - both of them will be presented during the first concert in “Music Gives You Wings” cycle, which will be held on September 25  , in the hall of the Manggha Museum in Cracow.


Krzysztof Herdzin
piano recital Impressions on Paderewski

02.10.2022, 6:30 pm
The Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, ul. Konopnickiej 26

Krzysztof Herdzin's "Impressions on Paderewski" arose out of a great fascination with the works of Ignacy Jan Paderewski and are the result of an in-depth study of the composer's style. The result of them will be presented during the concert in Manggha Museum, on October 2.

In this program, which is a part of the concert cycle titled “Music Gives you Wings” Herdzin presents a real catalogue of techniques and styles of jazz piano playing, also referring to various styles of classical music.


Lilianna Stawarz
harpsichord recital For the Love of Bach

09.10.2022, 6:30 pm
Europejski Hotel, ul. Lubicz 5

program: J.S. Bach

Lilianna Stawarz in her harpsichord recital, which will be held on October 9, takes the audience into the world of baroque elegance. During the second concert from the “Music Gives You Wings” cycle, can be heard the works of one of the greatest music geniuses of all time, Johann Sebastian Bach.

The harpsichord exudes a special charm with its sound, and its silvery tone can both portray vigour and breathe melancholy. Cracow’s audience will have the possibility to experience this during the event in Hotel Europejski.


Cracow Guitar Quartet
Miłosz Mączyński, Joanna Baran-Nosiadek, Łukasz Dobrowolski, Mateusz Puter
chamber concert Landscapes

16.10.2022, 6:30 pm
Europejski Hotel, ul. Lubicz 5

program: L.Boccherini, E.Grieg, I.Abeniz, P.Bellinati, R.Twardowski

Cracow Guitar Quartet will present pieces representing various eras, styles and cultural hubs. During the concert on October 16, cracow’s audience gathered in the hall of Hotel Europejski will listen to music coming not only from Europe, but also from Latin America. Cracow's virtuosos during the event from the cycle “Music Gives You Wings” will present works from the old days and also some pieces which are quite modern.


Etnos Ensemble
Bartosz Pacan - clarinet, Konrad Merta - accordion, Piotr Gach - cello, Michał Kapczuk - double bass
concert Gardens

23.10.2022, 6:30 pm
Europejski Hotel, ul. Lubicz 5

ETNOS ENSEMBLE is four musicians in love with folk - which is just beautiful, simple, lively and the closest to the human soul. The artists share these feeling with Cracow’s audience during the concert on October 23.

In the colourful programme entitled "Gardens" can be heard influences from Slavic, Klezmer and Arabic traditional music that also incorporates elements of improvisation and jazz. The event, which is a part  of “Music Gives You Wings” cycle, will take place in Hotel Europejski.


Filip Wojciechowski Trio
Filip Wojciechowski - piano, Paweł Pańta - double bass, Piotr Biskupski - percussion
Chopin - Jazz Impressions

29.10.2022, 6:30 pm
The Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, ul. Konopnickiej 26

Filip Wojciechowski is an artist who combines traditional, classical piano performance with masterful use of jazz techniques. His jazz impressions based on Chopin's works are characterized by deep respect for the brilliant musical language and instrumental mastery that these works present in their original shape. The solo piano, synonymous with the virtuoso-individualist, transforms into a trio with double bass and percussion.

This typically jazz line-up allows the voices of the other artists to masterfully join the "non-piano" conversation with Chopin. The result of this discussion will be shown to the audience during the concert, which will be held October 29 in Manggha Museum. "Chopin - Jazz Impressions" is a part of cycle titled “Music Gives You Wings”.


Basia Songin, Kasia Kapela, Asia Kurzyńska
vocal-instrumental concert The Sisters of the River

05.11.2022, 6:30 pm
The Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, ul. Konopnickiej 26

SUTARI is the power of three female voices and rich musical imagination. The artists keep and continue the tradition of Polish folk singers. Their arrangements of traditional Polish folk songs and also their own music composition will be presented during the concert on November 5, in Manggha Museum.


Marcin Wyrostek
Marcin Wyrostek - accordion, Mateusz Adamczyk - violin, Piotr Zaufal - double bass, Krzysztof Nowakowski - percussion, Silesian Strings Chamber Orchestra
MW Ethno Strings Project 

12.11.2022, 6:30 pm
Auditorium Maximum UJ, ul. Krupnicza 35

Marcin Wyrostek Ethno Strings Project was the result of fascination with Balkan, Slavic, Argentine and Latin American music, which inspired the artists to create ethno music in their own jazz and classical musical arrangements. This unique project will be presented to Cracow’s audience on November 12 in Auditorium Maximum hall of Jagiellonian University.

The program is a perfect combination of Marcin Wyrostek’s accordion virtuosity, the ethnic power of the Coloriage band and the precious sound of a string orchestra. The event is the last one in the “Music Gives You Wings” cycle.

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  • Organiser: AKO Music
  • From PLN 90
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