Meandering July

3 July 2020

Recent weeks show that Kraków’s culture remains as steadfast as ever, even in the face of the global pandemic. July sees the return of regular events such as the Summer Jazz Festival Kraków and the “Cracovia Danza” Court Dance Festival. Concert venues and theatres are slowly emerging as though from a long nightmare, and the summer sun shines down on outdoor events held all over the city, from the Main Market Square to Nowa Huta. After being severely depleted in recent months, the events calendar is starting to look full again. Of course some of them are still held at least partly online, or have strictly restricted numbers of participants, but it’s clear that culture abhors a vacuum and constantly seeks new forms of expression. Events dedicated to families include the exhibition at the Galicia Jewish Museum dedicated to Jan Marcin Szancer whose illustrations have inspired childhood imaginations of generations of Poles. And let’s not forget that some of the festivals traditionally held in July are moving to the coming months, such as the Festival of Polish Music (August) and ULICA 2020 (September).

Two complementary campaigns are in full swing: “Become a Visitor in Your Own City. Explore Kraków” and “Kraków Undiscovered”, helping locals and the slowly returning tourists to mark their own, fresh paths in the city. Artists, institutions, businesses and guides are all showing us how many places are yet to be discovered, how many flavours to be tasted, how many emotions to be felt…

Kraków is waiting!

Grzegorz Słącz

Karnet 7/2020


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