Hopeful June

6 June 2020

The long, difficult period of social isolation has nevertheless contributed to the flourishing of alternative ways of experiencing culture, mainly online: displays of rare archival items, myriad educational materials and festivals held entirely online.

We also watched many events streamed live. So don’t take your eye off festivals traditionally held in June – even if they aren’t officially held in their full format. The Miłosz Festival, Cyber Wianki and the Prologue of the 30th Jewish Culture Festival are just some examples – and if we think of them as a test of their organisers’ creativity, they’ve certainly hit the bullseye! The Krakow Photomonth Festival, inaugurated by virtual events, is seizing the opportunity to hold presentations in real space – and for far longer than the usual month. Museums and exhibition spaces are gradually opening their doors, promising brand-new exhibitions after a long break in very tangible spaces. Theatres are starting rehearsals, and some are already holding performances.

The campaign “Become a Visitor in Your Own City. Explore Kraków” is also bringing a breath of hope. Since we’ve spent such a long time in isolation, let’s take a look at our city from a fresh perspective and discover things which had previously eluded us. In Kraków – a city full of surprises and mysteries – there is bound to be something to amaze everyone!

Let’s explore!

Grzegorz Słącz

Karnet 6/2020



Enchanting Kraków
We talk to Prof. Jacek Majchrowski, Mayor of the City of Kraków, about how local residents can rediscover their city at the time of the pandemic.

Become a Visitor!
Daily hustle and bustle sometimes makes us forget how beautiful Kraków is and why it draws so many tourists. When we finally emerge from our homes after months of lonely isolation, let’s take a fresh look at our city! Now it’s the locals’ to explore it as tourists!

In the Footsteps of Kings
There is surely no trip more Cracovian than a walk along the Royal Route! Why have we prepared this trail as part of the “Become a Visitor in Your Own City. Explore Kraków” campaign for local residents?

Into the Green
The capital of Małopolska is much more than just ancient monuments and jewels of architecture – it is also filled with beautiful green spaces!


What’s Playing in Our Souls
Things have changed a bit, haven’t they? But head radio never stops playing!


Hidden Light
This year’s party during the Shalom on Szeroka Street wasn’t to be. “Man plans and God laughs,” according to a Jewish proverb. But the organisers of the Jewish Culture Festival aren’t wringing their hands in despair – instead they are inviting us to join them for the Prologue!


Can Photography Change the World?
The 18th Krakow Photomonth Festival kicked off on 21 May – this year’s name is figurative, since events and exhibitions will run until at least the end of the summer!



Kraków Afresh
Permanent exhibitions are reopening at most museums, and some temporary or postponed exhibitions are also opening – it’s time to catch up on art!


June Traditions
June invokes the start of the school holidays, flourishing vegetation and long summer days. In Kraków, it also brings a host of legends and ancient customs to life.


Kraków Travel
Kids in Kraków
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