Labyrinthine October

2 October 2019

We start the month with the latest and alternative music at Sacrum Profanum and Unsound festivals; by mid-October we shift towards literature with the Poetry Night, Conrad Festival and the Book Fair in Krakow, and culminate with the Conrad Award gala… This sequence shows Kraków to be truly deserving of its title of UNESCO City of Literature! October also resounds with more traditional tunes: Krakow Music Autumn and the International Royal Cracow Piano Festival for fans of classical music, 7xGospel, the Student Song Festival and the Grechuta Festival for lovers of singing, and of course the great celebration of improvised music with Krakow Jazz Autumn. We could also lose ourselves in a maze of other concerts, including monumental productions “Preisner’s Music” at Tauron Arena Kraków and Mary Komasa’s original project at ICE Kraków, as well as the electrifying, low-key performance by Richard Bona and Alfredo Rodríguez at the Manggha Museum.

October is at once the peak of autumn and one of the busiest month in Kraków’s cultural calendar. And it’s the perfect time to explore contemporary art: MOCAK is launching new exhibitions including an unusual look at the Second World War, the Patchlab festival intertwines state-of-the-art technologies with artistic visions, while Richard Mosse’s installation “Incoming” at Bunkier Sztuki provides a fascinating commentary bridging the gap between the Sacrum Profanum and Unsound festivals.

Let’s explore!

Grzegorz Słącz



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