Nowa Huta by Bike

3 June 2024

City, road, gravel, adventure - these are just some of the bike types you can use to explore Nowa Huta along the Velo Huta routes: the Small Loop, around 20 kilometres long, which is a perfect choice for families with children, and the 60-kilometre-long Big Loop for daredevils, who are up to the challenge. Both routes are chock-full of monuments, green places and all the things that make Nowa Huta special. The shorter route runs through the centre of Nowa Huta, Mistrzejowice, Bieńczyce and Czyżyny. The tour will get you to learn the secrets of the “Batowice” Fort 48, see the repertoire of the Ludowy Theatre, see the smallest monument in Nowa Huta, known as Ania, The Girl or Preschooler (by the Preschool no. 46 in the Na Skarpie housing estate). You can catch your breath at Zielono Mi - the city's first community garden, the Tysiąclecia Park and the Rogoziński Park near the villa built in the second half of the 19th century, as well as in the Nowa Huta Meadows. You will also visit educational facilities (cycling traffic town in Czyżyny) and local market squares (in Bieńczyce and Mogilno). The Big Loop will take you a bit farther east, allowing you to go around the entire town along backroads. You will also see some of the key monuments of Nowa Huta, including the Ronald Reagan Square, Róż Avenue, the former administrative centre of the complex and Wanda Mound. You will also see local sports venues (the National Rugby Centre and the Hutnik Kraków City Stadium), sacred monuments of folk art (the 19th-century Passion Cross), as well as popular green areas (Nowa Huta Reservoir and Przylasek Rusiecki). You will also visit Jan Matejko's manor house and the manor-and-park complex in Branice. These are just some of the sights and sites you will encounter along the routes, which were created back in 2021 by employees of the Kraków-Nowa Huta Cultural Centre to mark the 30th anniversary of the Centre’s establishment. The employees wanted to showcase the lesser-known face of Krakow's youngest district and its surroundings, but also their own achievements... That is why they included thirteen KNHCC clubs along the route! If you are worried about getting lost, you can use the available maps and GPS tracks of both routes, available on the project website.

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