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Cogito ergo sum! But what does this actually mean? The answer can be found in the new venue, which joins the ranks of educational and entertainment hubs in Kraków. The Cogiteon Lesser Poland Science Centre will open its doors for the first time on 21 and 22 June. On Friday, we will explore the non-obvious threads in mathematics and music, and check out what's out there in the Universe, together with eminent physicists, mathematicians, cosmologists and artists, including multi-instrumentalist Józef Skrzek, who will showcase his cosmic mini-etudes. We will also watch Cosmogony - the visual story that will illuminate the eastern façade of the building. On Saturday, we will take part in the Science Exchange, as well as curators’ guided tours. We will listen to a conversation with Michał Rusinek, author of the poems featured in Laboratorium Smaków, a book published by Cogiteon. The day’s events will end with a concert by an exceptional artist (to be announced soon!) who brings together generations and creates the new classics of Polish popular music.



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