23rd Great Dragon Parade

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  • Saturday, June 8, 2024 - Sunday, June 9, 2024

“In the days of old, in centuries past / A dragon arrived from afar. Seeking a lair, a place to stay / To the Vistula and Wawel he came.” Remembering the famous Kraków legend, we meet every year for a family festival under the dragon's banner - this year, we are going to meet for the twenty-third time! Join us on Saturday - come to the Vistula River bend near Wawel to listen to the sounds of new music and enjoy an outdoor spectacle - flying dragons set in motion by barges floating on the river. They will be accompanied by flyboarders and drones with pyrotechnics. On Sunday, the Grand Dragon Parade will take over the streets of Krakow, culminating in voting for the most beautiful dragon of this year's edition in the Main Market Square. You can also join us for a family picnic on the Vistula Boulevards, with various games, workshops and all kinds of other things to do. This year’s parade is all about Dragons in Fairy Tales, Fables and Novels.

Karnet 06/2024



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