The International Print Triennial 2024


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  • Friday, May 24, 2024, 6:00 PM - Sunday, July 21, 2024

The international competition, which has been held in Krakow since 1966, and the subsequent exhibition have become an important platform for visual discussions about the present over the past decade.

Now, organisers have invited participants to interpret the subject of 'Momentum' specifically with such an exchange in mind. The call of the 2024 International Print Triennial was heeded by 400 artists from 45 countries across many continents. Regardless of their cultural background, everybody perceived the theme through the prism of the outlook on the current state of the world and the moment we are currently living through - the moment where we should stop and take a closer look at the current situation, as well as future prospects and perspectives. The issues raised by the artists concern borders and migration, reproductive rights, as well as passing, post-memory and the anthropocene. The Main Exhibition at the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre (which opens on the 24th of May at 6:00 p.m. and will be available until the 21st of July) will showcase diverse artistic proposals, which often enter into surprising discourses with each other. In addition to the conventional designs, visitors will also see performances (on the opening weekend), as well as objects, interactive works, sound installations and animations. This year’s  International Print Triennial was also an opportunity to organise the third competition addressed to Polish artists, titled 'Who benefits from art?' encouraging them to showcase unique works in unusual places. The transgrafia 3.0 exhibition and the accompanying symposium will be held at the former Main Post Office building (opening on the 25th of May at 5:00 p.m., available until the 30th of June). It will showcase works by 28 authors, who answered the question. The organisers noted that the cultural sector is responsible for 3.5% of Poland’s GDP. The exhibition will likely feature works that highlight this unique role of artists. We hope that Kraków will send out an important and clear message - we all have a real impact on Poland's image as a patron of the arts, we support the artistic education system, and we generate real GDP per capita thanks to art,’ reads the website of the Association.



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