Słowiński X Chopin – Impressions

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Chopin’s nocturnes, ballads and preludes clash with trumpet, saxophone, electric guitar, jazzy piano and violin. What will come out of this clash? Chopin’s brilliant compositions were taken on by Stanisław Słowinski, a Krakow-based violinist and a star of the European jazz and crossover scene. This is how the Słowiński X Chopin - Impressions project emerged, allowing the artist and his InfraArt Chamber Orchestra to showcase their original renditions of the Funeral March op. 72 and the Etude in C minor, op. 10 no. 12, better known as The Revolutionary Etude. These new renditions offer room for piano mastery (with Franciszek Raczkowski behind the keyboard), as well as orchestral sounds coupled with the expression and freedom of jazz improvisation. So... Słowiński X Chopin. Can they be combined? Of course!



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