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  • Friday, April 19, 2024 - Saturday, May 25, 2024

Many people become accustomed to anhedonia. It could be said that the phenomenon of the lack of experiencing joy characterizes our times. Loneliness, burnout, the feeling of losing control over the effects of others' influence, the tasks we must fulfill. This feeling appears as falling into a machine that takes away our independence. There's also a prevailing belief that we can handle it ourselves, that we'll manage - we'll cope on our own. At some point, a mixture of emotions arises, combining pain, fear, anxiety, and a burning sense of emptiness - it's right here - everything collapses, I try to pull you in, but ultimately, it doesn't, it just persists. It persists for months, years, and there are desperate ways people cling to. They try to drown it out, and it helps, but only for a moment. When attempting self-analysis, you can easily deceive yourself, and diagnosing oneself is practically impossible. A chaotic image of a desperate attempt to survive without much hope that it may succeed. The inspiration for creating the exhibition came from testimonies of people who suffered from depression. Individual perspectives on each of these experiences helped us extract the most common components, which are the most frequent images in the process of experiencing the illness. The exhibition is dedicated to the projection of difficult emotions, which often, through the deceptive effects of time in illness, manifest as individual days. Surrounded by walls, hidden deep beneath the skin, they leave their lasting marks. Like needles that are eventually pulled out, but the prick remains forever. (curator: Jakub Pojda)



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