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  • Friday, April 19, 2024, 6:00 PM - Saturday, June 1, 2024
The works of Helena Parys - despite their aesthetic consistency - elude clear categorization. The very title of the exhibition, whose implicit function is to lead the viewer to a specific trail, when translated does not seem to make the situation any easier. The English word dummy has not just one, but a whole range of meanings; aware of this fact, the artist allows us to look at her works through the prism of such notions as fool, mannequin, mockup or deception.
[...] About what is here and where it is located, we must decide for ourselves. The artist provides us with many clues for this purpose: from the realistic style of the paintings to the symbolism woven into the scenes - free and unobtrusive, working more intuitively than literally. So not only do we have the tools, but also the freedom (both in interpretation and in locating the world on any of the maps available to us).

[...] Parys' paintings speak, establish a dialogue and occasionally decide to express an opinion. The figurative language they use lets us know that - despite everything - we are still at home. We guess what the objects and people inside the painting feel; we know the chill that pierces our feet, and we know how warmly hair can wrap around us. So it is worth asking ourselves whether the depicted world ever happened outside of us? [...] (Karolina Krasny)

Event organized as a part of Cracow Art Week KRAKERS 2024 / opening: 19.04.2024, 6PM, availability: 20–21.04.2024, 11:00–18:00, 22–26.04.2024, 09:00–17:00



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