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  • Friday, March 22, 2024, 8:00 PM

Avant-rock band CRODAD & 100 YEARS is celebrating 20 years plugged in to the Kraków music scene. To mark the milestone they have prepared an evening of live music at Alchemia on Friday 22 March.

This is a celebration of music at large you cannot miss!

  • 20:00 The Reptilian Government (support)
  • 21:00 CroDad & 100 Years
  • Afterparty DJ Mysterons


  • CroDad – vocals
  • Anne Marie Kauffman – vocals
  • Piotr Skupniewicz – clarinet
  • Jarek Meus – guitar, bouzuki
  • Krzysiek Łochowicz – guitar
  • Łukasz Łaba – bass
  • Lindsay Davidson – bagpipes
  • Dominik Klimczak – percussion

Source: press release



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