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  • Monday, April 1, 2024, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Welcome to one of the most colourful, as well as oldest and longest Kraków traditions!

Every Easter Monday, the faithful assemble at churches to hear the Gospel about Jesus’s disciples on their way to Emmaus. Cracovians flock to the Emmaus indulgence fair at the Church of the Holy Saviour and the Norbertine convent in Zwierzyniec. They have been doing so for centuries – according to historians, the Christian indulgence tradition dates back as far as the 12th century, and in fact it may be even older and have roots in pagan rites celebrated during the spring equinox.

The event organised by the Kraków Cultural Forum since 2022 accentuates the ideas to sustain, develop and promote the intangible heritage of Kraków – the stalls offer among others traditional toys such as wooden figures and clay whistles.

In 2024, the Emmaus indulgence fair will take place along the Błonia Meadow due to the roadworks in Zwierzyniecka Street.



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