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  • Friday, March 1, 2024, 8:00 PM

Klub Re and Wytwórnia Tematy are proud to present an upcoming show from the Roll The Dice Tour.

Two bands under Wytwórnia Tematy label - Calamaze and Goofy Ginz - go for an adventure across Poland to promote their debut albums!

Guitar counterpoints inspired by midwest emo, unpredictably led vocal lines, and echoes of grungy, late ’90s riffs - Calamaze will bring you all that on a silver platter, and then top it up with seconds, thirds and a dessert!

If you feel any nostalgia for American Football's first album played through a good ol' portable MP3 player - you have to see them!

A mix of mellon collie verses with fiercely shrieked choruses. A blend of trippy shoegaze and nervous noise rock. Dead serious statements underlined with grim jokes. A bit of eclecticism, a bit of chaos, but above all, it's all good fun.

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