Kraków Philharmonic Oratorio Concert: Christus

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The composition of his most famous oratorio, Christus, occupied Liszt from 1862 to 1866, with shorter or longer pauses. He finished the score by the end of September 1866, but he wished to make some revisions and corrections, and therefore the work was not completed until the December of that year. Christus was published in 1872 and premiered in the Protestant church at Weimar in 1873 – 150 years ago.
The oratorio takes the traditional plot of Jesus Christ's life from his birth to his passion and resurrection, using Bible texts, and is thus somewhat reminiscent of another famous religious work, Messiah by George Frideric Handel. It is of note that the role of the orchestra in the oratorio is really more significant than that of the chorus, the orchestra being the moving force of growth and development.

The Kraków Philharmonic recalls Liszt’s monumental work on the 150th anniversary of the premiere of the work.

Ferenc Liszt Christus*
* on the 150th anniversary of work’s premiere
duration approx. 200 min., two intermissions

Natalia Rubiś – soprano
Małgorzata Pańko-Edery – alto
Pavel Petrov – tenor 
Mariusz Godlewski – baritone
Robert Gierlach – bass
Kraków Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir
Piotr Piwko
– choirmaster
Alexander Humala – conductor





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