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  • Friday, April 26, 2024, 8:00 PM

Declan McKenna is excited to announce details of a 2024 headline tour in support of his forthcoming album “What Happened To The Beach?” which will be out 9th February, and was announced alongside his new single, “Nothing Works”, and follows Declan’s symphonic return “Sympathy” earlier this Summer. Declan worked in California with producer Gianluca Buccellati, whose previous projects include Arlo Parks and Lana Del Rey. If Declan sought more space in his recordings, he needed to loosen up and let them breathe. Where previously his biggest tunes tended to hurtle along at 100mph, economic with the notion of simply taking a quick breath, Declan taught and trusted himself to take his time and let the listener soak in the ambience. The result is an album that revels in both space and atmosphere. It evokes the sunshine Declan basked in, and it returned to the UK sounding beautifully baked.

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