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Krystian Lupa is yet another theatrical revelation in the Polish theatre, after Wyspiański, Kantor and Grotowski. His performances have become part of history and the DNA of theatre. He is a visionary, performer and inspired stage operator. Such personalities tend to feel constrained within the confines of their own self, seeking to release energy and achieve fulfilment in various fields. Even theatre – the creatively richest medium – is not enough for them. Krystian Lupa studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and is still drawn to the image, as evidenced in his excellent video stage sets and in his drawings, these days mainly digital. As if this were not enough, he also practises autobiographical writing, analysing himself and those close to him. Since he is open and unabashed, these stories have the power of confession.

The exhibition of drawings entitled Island will be accompanied by a book in Polish with the same title, combining drawings and texts. The very notion of the eponymous ‘island’ should be seen as a confession.



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