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  • Thursday, October 26, 2023, 6:00 PM - Sunday, March 10, 2024

Painting is a contract between the vision of a painting and the hand. It is there that the content, meaning and beauty can be conjured up. But when the hand does not feel the idea or when it is technically clumsy, the image is distorted. In this exhibition – through four themes – we show paintings from the MOCAK Collection that demonstrate a successful concord between hand and image. Some of these works emphasise the subject while others tone it down. Painting is a versatile medium.

The study of things and words
The medium of painting impacts the meaning of the object and the meaning of the word. On the surface, everything looks the same, but in reality it is something different, something new. Something much richer.

Art is at all times a story about the human being, because a work of art helps us to see ourselves and others. This applies to all art, but where the human figure appears this effect becomes more noticeable, as some features come to the fore, while others are less prominent. [A1]

Scenes from life
We grow indifferent to what goes on around us. But painting is capable of rendering ordinary scenes from daily life important. It also knows how to show, or rather bring out, their symbolic nature.

The density of reality
We mostly only perceive fragments around us. The dream of a wider view manifests itself in art with attempts to see the ‘totality’ of everything that matters. This kind of dense ‘almost realism’ – common in early art – remains a useful tool.



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