The Gypsy Baron

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Sandor Barinkay, the son of the former Governor returns to his castle. His companion, the Royal Commissioner Carnero reinstates the family land ownership to Sandor. The new heir is welcomed by an old Gypsy Czipra, telling him that he would regain property and love. His neighbour Zsupan Kalman, a pig breeder who is unable to seize Barinkay's land, decides to make his daughter Arsena marry Sandor. The girl, however, is in love with Ottokar, the son of her Governess Mirabella. Zsupan invites all guests to his home. During the meeting, it is evealed that Mirabella is the wife of Commissioner Carnero who was lost during the Turkish war long before, and Ottokar was their son. At that time Arsena receives the new suitor with reservation, promising her hand when he earns the title of baron. Sandor is not discouraged, and, leaving for the capital, he visits a Gypsy camp on his land. There, he listens to a song by a young Gypsy Saffi...

One of the most renowned operettas in the history, The Gypsy Baron returns to the stage of the Kraków Opera. It was also considered his biggest masterpiece by Johannes Strauss II himself. Its world premiere’s reception was a landslide victory. What attracted attention was the fact that it was the very first Vienna operetta with Hungarians and Gypsies as main characters. The world of The Gypsy Baron shimmers with Romani and Hungarian milieu, and in the synopsis realistic plots intertwine with fairytale-like pictures of the Gypsy camp. Everything, of course, to the tacts of a fiery csárdás and a waltz that carries you away!

Direction: Laco Adamik
Musical direction: Tomasz Tokarczyk



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