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The Music Around the World concert cycle is a way to meet excellent artists from far regions of our globe who has chosen to live in Poland as well as Polish outstanding music artists. It a perfect way to learn more about music, cultures, customs, instruments from as far as you can only imagine. Each meeting comprises a concert, presentation of instruments, talk and making music together.
The meeting are led by Maciej Trifonidis – composer, music producer and organiser of cultural life.

27 May 2023, 5pm
Anna Patynek, Aga Yano

10 June 2023, TBC
Jahiar Irani, Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski

30 September 2023, 5pm
Ablaye Badji, Miłosz Skwirut

14 October 2023, 5pm
Edilson Sanchez, Bartek Staromiejski

2 December 2023, 5pm
Rasm Almashan, Bernard Maseli

16 December 2023, 5pm
Mark Shepherd, Miłosz Bazarnik



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