Cracow Art Week KRAKERS 2023


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  • Friday, May 12, 2023 - Friday, May 19, 2023

Cracow Art Week is an evolution of the project named Cracow Gallery Weekend KRAKERS which since 2012 has been promoting contemporary art in the area of Krakow, creating a platform for communication, education, information and promotion and a meeting place for independent art centers and city residents. 5 years ago the organizers of the Cracow Gallery Weekend decided to transform the well-known KRAKERS into a week-long event.

The motto of the 12th edition of the event is “Art always wins!”. It is based on the legacy of Al Hansen, one of the leading representatives of the avant-garde Fluxus movement. This movement promotes and combines the activities of many fields of art: from sculpture and painting to happenings, experimental music and poetry. It also consolidates artists with different attitudes and art experiences, not devoid of a sense of humor, distancing themselves from traditional art, taking into account political themes, current social life events and global trends influencing the development of social and artistic movements in their activities. KRAKERS is an event open to happenings, actions, experiments, manifestos and concerts. In times difficult from the geopolitical and economical perspective, the organizers express their faith in the superior role of art as an immanent part of an individual's life. "Art always wins!" sums up over a decade of effort in creating the program, supporting artists and consistently showing their work to a wide audience. We all face challenges and search for hope, and many find it in the process of creation, in contact with art. Every year, audiences and artists are asked a question about the place of visual arts in cultural and social life, provoking reflection and action under the motto.

Art in Krakow wins, among others, thanks to small but recognizable places, cellars, studios, corridors, attics, rooms in apartments, galleries with backyard entrances and in the outbuilding. Art wins despite the lack of white cubes, visible shop windows, permanent address, ephemerality, irregularity, unpredictability, guerrilla prints, zines in small editions. Therefore, the Laboratory's competition section has a particularly important mission, which is to encourage presentations under the Main Program also of those who do not have permanent premises or places - both individual artists and collectives.




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