The Vintage and Retro Kogel Mogel Fairs


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  • Sunday, December 11, 2022, 12:00 PM-6:00 PM

The Vintage and Retro Kogel Mogel Fairs take us on a journey to the past. On 11 December, exhibitors from all over Poland flock to Hevre for the festive edition where you can find original and timeless fashion from the past. The concept of zero waste breathes a second life into winter coats, jackets, sweaters and 20th-century accessories. “The exhibitors share their carefully selected wares as well as their knowledge of fashion history, recycling and upcycling. Combining a shopping trip with a learning experience means our guests can’t wait for each edition of the fair and flock to the workshops, lectures and guided tours we prepare for them. There’s something for everyone, regardless of age. As the founder and organiser of the event, the opportunity to promote vintage styles and second-hand fashion is incredibly important. I’m delighted that every year Kogel Mogel grows, develops and expands beyond a day-long event to Retro Weekends and even a Retro Month. Kogel Mogel is a crazy blend of inspirations which will make your head spin!” says Monika Skwarczyńska, director of the project.



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