The Haunted Manor (Kraków Opera)

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In the Kraków Opera production, the director, Laco Adamik, aims at revealing Polish national vices and show that, regardless of the epoch, these vices remain the same. The prologue and the epilogue refer to the present day, thus giving the show a modern framework. Thanks to its well-woven, lively plot, which is fuelled by vows of bachelorhood, constantly surprises the audience with changes of mood and delights them with humour, wit and lyricism, The Haunted Manor remains one of the Polish music lovers’ all-time favourites. It comes as no surprise, given that, musically speaking, Moniuszko’s work is perfectly crafted: melodically and harmonically inventive and scored with immense virtuosity.

Composer: Stanisław Moniuszko

Direction: Laco Adamik
Musical direction: Piotr Sułkowski
Set design: Barbara Kędzierska
Choreography: Przemysław Śliwa
Choir preparation: Ewa Bator, Marek Kluza




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