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Schoolchildren, seniors (with or without grandchildren!) and anyone else who thinks that Wednesdays mornings are the best time for live music: using contemporary language, that’s the target group of Capella Cracoviensis’ cycle: Matinées – concerts for juniors and seniors.

The musical mornings are held alongside Capella Cracoviensis’ regular concerts. Each concert is preceded by a short introduction, with the nuances and background of the musical world. But background knowledge isn't the most important part. “Capella Cracoviensis doesn’t so much want to explain music, but rather accustom young people to the concert atmosphere and to concerts as cultural and social events, and shape their habits of interacting with art,” explain the organisers. To put it simply, listening to good music is just a great way of spending Wednesday mornings.

Concerts start at 11am and last about one hour with a commentary (usually in Pollish).

29 March 2023, 11am
Gesualdo / Responsoria III
Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa: Responsoria III Sabbato Sancto
Magdalena Łukawska soprano
Ilona Szczepańska alto
Dominik Czernik Szczepan Kosior Piotr Szewczyk tenor
Przemysław Józef Bałka bass

12 April 2023, 11am
Tomasz Sobaniec solo
Tomasz Sobaniec instrumenty perkusyjne

19 April 2023, 11am
Moniuszko: Halka / sketches
Stanisław Moniuszko Halka / sketches
Halka Mariola Siepak
Zofia Michalina Bienkiewicz
Janusz Sebastian Szumski
Jontek Przemysław Borys
Cześnik Przemysław Józef Bałka
Marszałek Marek Opaska
Magdalena Łukawska Antonina Ruda sopran
Łukasz Dulewicz Ilona Szczepańska alt
Piotr Szewczyk Szczepan Kosior Dominik Czernik tenor
Przemysław Józef Bałka Marek Opaska bas
Maciej Czepielowski Robert Bachara Agnieszka Świątkowska Tomasz Góra violin I
Katarzyna Olszewska Beata Nawrocka Jadwiga Czepielowska Seojin Kim violin II
Jacek Dumanowski Mariusz Grochowski viola
Konrad Górka cello
Jan Tomasz Adamus conductor

26 April 2023, 11am
Biber: Missa Sancti Henrici
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber: Missa Sancti Henrici
Magdalena Łukawska Michalina Bienkiewicz soprano
Ilona Szczepańska alto
Dominik Czernik tenor
Sebastian Szumski bass
Zofia Wojniakiewicz violin I
Beata Nawrocka violin II
Jacek Dumanowski viola I
Mariusz Grochowski viola II
Teresa Wydrzyńska viola III
Konrad Górka cello
Marian Magiera trumpet I
Paweł Gajewski trumpet II
Tomasz Sobaniec timpani
Marek Toporowski cinductor / organ



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