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27 January – with English surtitles.

“Art of Living” is a radical stage attempt to achieve what seems to be impossible: to transpose George Perec’s legendary novel Life A User’s Manual into a theatre event.

In this five-hour performance we balance between the need to write on the white sheet of paper, to recite certain words on stage, and to overcome the resistance and crisis that comes with this act of telling your own biography and history. In this particular case the very act of writing, set in motion by the author and dictated by the need to face up to your own life, tells a tale of cultural and identity exclusion.

In his metaphorical stories, Georges Perec has camouflaged a compelling image of the human being, obsessively searching for a place to call their own and yearning to salvage their biography.


  • Iwona Budner
  • Roman Gancarczyk
  • Sebastian Grygo (a guest actor)
  • Urszula Kiebzak
  • Zbigniew Kosowski
  • Katarzyna Krzanowska
  • Radosław Krzyżowski
  • Agnieszka Kwietniewska (a guest actress)
  • Paweł Kruszelnicki
  • Aleksandra Nowosadko
  • Przemysław Przestrzelski
  • Alicja Wojnowska
  • Aleksander Wnuk (a guest actor)


  • Wawrzyniec Brzozowski Translation
  • Katarzyna Kalwat Director
  • Beniamin M. Bukowski Adaptation
  • Piotr Grzymisławski Dramaturge
  • Wojciech Blecharz Composer
  • Aleksander Wnuk Musical performer
  • Agata Skwarczyńska Scenographer and lighting director
  • Anna Rogóż Costume designer and assistant scenographer
  • Karolina Kraczkowska Choreographer
  • Maja Wisła-Szopińska Assistant director
  • Ewa Wrześniak Stage manager/prompter
  • Natalia Mentkowska Voice transcriptor
  • Marcin Koszałka, Marcin Polar Videos



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