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One of the most popular works by Ludomir Różycki – now on the stage of Kraków Opera! Only in the period of 1921–1929, the ballet was staged as many as 300 times. Originally, the composer told the story of the legendary Polish sorcerer, using a symphonic poem, yet later he "translated" it into the language of ballet. The libretto was prepared by Różycki's wife Stefania (writing under the pseudonym of S. Ordon), on the basis of novel Master Twardowski by Józef Ignacy Kraszewski.

In Sir Twardowski, nine ballet paintings illustrate successive scenes from the magician's life – from the first appearance of the devil in his atelier, through signing a pact, evoking the spirit of Barbara Radziwiłł or winning the love of an eastern princess, to the events in the Rzym (Rome) inn and, finally, landing on the moon. Certainly, Różycki bases his musical interpretations of these events on Polish folk and national dances, such as krakowiak, polonaise, oberek or highlanders’ dance; there are also references to dance music of other nations, such as czardas, waltz and stylised oriental dances.

Composer: Ludomir Różycki
Choreography: Violetta Suska
Musical directon: Tomasz Tokarczyk
Set design and costumes: Maria Balcerek

Premiere: 26 November 2021



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