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The permanent exhibition is housed in the family home of Jan Matejko (1838-1893), the greatest Polish artist working in the genre of history painting, a collector and an enthusiast for monuments, particularly those in Krakow. The old Krakow building (rebuilt in the 18th and 19th centuries) is the place where Jan Matejko was born, lived with his family, created his paintings and passed away.

The exhibits include everyday objects and memorabilia of the artist and his family: his wife Teodora Matejko née Giebułtowska (1846-1896), children: Tadeusz (1865-1911), Helena Unierzyska (1867-1932), Beata Kirchmayerowa (1869-1926), Jerzy (1873-1827) and Regina (1878-1878). The collection comprises letters, official documents, jubilee mementos, tokens of appreciation, and, above all, oil paintings and drawings, objects from Matejko's collection accumulated throughout his life, works of other artists, family photographs, photographs of the master's paintings taken in the 19th century as well as his collection of books and music scores.



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