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24 April 2020

The City of Krakow is launching an information and social campaign to support the tourist market in the capital of Małopolska. BE A TOURIST IN YOUR CITY – VISIT KRAKOW is a social campaign addressed to all the residents of Krakow, and its main goal is to support local entrepreneurs.

“Krakow has been the most recognisable Polish urban brand in the world for years, and studies say that around 10% of Krakow residents base their business on tourism and related services. That is why it is so important for Krakow to rebuild the tourist market gradually and carefully”, says Jacek Majchrowski, Mayor of Krakow.

In addition to the government programmes that will be or are already being implemented, but also its own programmes, such as the “Pause Programme” and “Resistant Culture”, the City of Krakow will support the activities of local entrepreneurs. However, in order to be able to rebuild the tourist market in Krakow, the City is focusing on a new concept, changing thinking about who the tourist in Krakow is.

The result of the new concept is an information and social campaign with the slogan BE A TOURIST IN YOUR CITY – VISIT KRAKOW, which will be addressed mainly to the local community. Everyone in Krakow will be able to rediscover the beauty of their city and become a local tourist. The campaign will be run by the Krakow Festival Office in cooperation with the Department of Tourism, Social Communication and the Department of Culture and National Heritage. The main goal of the planned activities is to stimulate local economy and involve the residents of Krakow in the process of restoring to Krakow the name of the tourist capital of Poland.

The campaign will be divided into three areas, all of which will be linked by the BE A TOURIST IN YOUR CITY slogan. The first area, called OPEN EVENTS, will invite all residents of Krakow to rediscover the city. Sightseeing routes will be updated specially for the residents of Krakow so that they can see the most beautiful places, monuments and attractions, as well as take advantage of the offer of Krakow’s entrepreneurs who pay taxes in Krakow. Thematic walks in the areas of literature, music, film, crafts, handicrafts, memorials and history of Krakow will be led by professional guides, enthusiasts, artists, activists and writers. At the same time, various open cultural and social events will be held, including drive-in cinemas, picnics and small concerts. All with due regard for safety, of course.

The second area of the BE A TOURIST IN YOUR CITY campaign comprises all kinds of WORKSHOPS. There are several hundred companies, institutions and people who run interesting, substantive and diverse workshops in Krakow. Thanks to this, at little cost, the residents of Krakow will be able to learn something new, broaden their knowledge and skills and fill their time with entire families and groups of friends in an attractive way, and local entrepreneurs will start to function and run their businesses normally. It is a way to also kickstart local economy in the area of tourism.

The third area of the campaign includes activities based on SHARING PHOTO AND VIDEO MATERIALS from workshops, walks and open events through social media with the hashtags #beatouristinyourcity and #visitkrakow. With this action, Krakow wants to show everyone in the world who uses social media that it is alive, open, welcoming and prepared to return to the new reality. All of this will be accompanied by numerous competitions carried out on the Bądź turystą Instagram page and the Bądź turystą w swoim mieście – Zwiedzaj Kraków Facebook page. Photos and videos taken by Krakow residents will also be shared there. Thanks to this, all residents will explore and tour Krakow together.

All entrepreneurs, institutions, companies, activists, artists and residents of Krakow in general who are interested in collaborating with this social campaign are asked to contact the campaign operator, Krakow Festival Office, starting from 30 April 2020. A dedicated e-mail address will be set up to send applications and offers for business cooperation. Within the KBF structures, coordinators of the following areas have been appointed: music, film, literature, handicraft, crafts, tourism, local activities and gastronomy, who will gather information about entities interested in inviting residents of Krakow to take advantage of their offer. The details will be announced on 30 April 2020 on the websites and Facebook pages of the Krakow Festival Office and the City of Krakow.

Soon, the official InfoKraków network of municipal and tourist information points, which has had to suspend its activities in accordance with regulations at government level, will resume its activities. Free materials are already being prepared, which all residents will be able to take advantage of. Around 150,000 tourist maps will be made available, as well as 50,000 pieces of the Kids in Krakow map, which will enable the youngest residents of Krakow to travel along ready-made and interesting routes, as well as the Kids in Krakow guides – currently about 1,500 copies. All materials will of course also be available in digital form.

MEDIA representatives should call the press officer of the Krakow Festival Office at 513 099 671.



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