Communal Pucheroki Review in Bibice

Metropolitan area

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  • Sunday, April 2, 2023, 10:00 AM-1:00 PM

As is tradition, on Palm Sunday, the Bibice Market Square will host the Communal Pucheroki Review.

The Pucheroki tradition hearkens back to the old tradition of boys dressed in distinctive tall and colourful hats, with faces tarred with soot, going from door to door. They are bound at the waist with twine. In one hand they carry a basket of chaff, in the other – a wooden hammer with a long handle, laced with tissue paper. They make joyful speeches, sing merry songs and recite poems – in return they receive various treats from the homeowners.
The custom originated from the age-old fundraisers organised by Kraków's university students, which were banned by the authorities in 1780 – at that time, the tradition was taken over by boys from villages surrounding the city.

The review's programme features Pucheroki performances and speeches, contests and a large-format board game “Pucheroki”. The event will be accompanied by an Easter fair and a gallery showcasing Pucheroki traditions.



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