8th Christmas Salon of the Kraków Branch of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers

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  • Thursday, December 8, 2022, 6:00 PM - Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Christmas Salon of the Kraków Branch of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers is an annual summary of the member’s artistic achievements. This time the Palace of the Arts presents paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings nad other works by 271 authors.

European “Salons of the Arts” have a long, rich tradition rooted in 17th-century French “Salons de Paris”. They arrived in Poland with the Association of Friends of the Fine Arts and later the Zachęta Association of Fine Arts. They were public presentations of new artworks, showcasing the latest trends and directions of development. They had huge a cultural and educational significance, shaped preferences of art lovers, expanded awareness of contemporary art and explored its very nature. Founded in 1911 in Kraków, the Association of Polish Artist and Designers promotes the concept of hosting similar collective exhibitions.

“Each Christmas, the association’s Salon serves as a summary of artistic achievements in the region over the past year. It confirms that we still need one another, and that the existence of our association is extremely important for many artists. This collective celebration in late December and early January closes the calendar year of the association’s activities and launches the next period of artistic projects, exhibitions, vernissages and bustling artistic life.” (Joanna Warchoł, President of the Kraków Branch of the Association of Artists and Designer).



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