Natalia LL. Erotic Provocations

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  • Thursday, October 27, 2022, 6:00 PM - Friday, December 30, 2022

The exhibition at MOCAK is a tribute to an outstanding artist considered one of the pioneers of feminist art.

Natalia LL, a prominent contemporary artist considered one of the pioneers of feminist art, died on 12 August 2022. Her work had roots in conceptualism and was also part of the body art movement. Natalia LL recorded her performances in photographs, in her shots often employing suggestions of the erotic. The impact of these images was amplified by presenting them in series that looked like film frames.

The MOCAK Collection contains more than 40 works by Natalia LL, dating from 1964 to 1993. The most numerous group are photographs from the series Consumer Art, created in 1972–1974. There, the artist juxtaposes the mundane act of eating with sexual suggestiveness. The photographed models simulate oral sex using jelly, custard or bananas. On the one hand, the works point to the link between eroticism and consumerism in mass culture; on the other, they are a manifestation of uninhibited female sexuality. Natalia LL treated all the models engaged for these photographs as her alter ego.

This collection of her works has never before been presented in its entirety at MOCAK, the exhibition is thus a premiere, but is above all a tribute to an outstanding artist.



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