46. International Folk Art Fair


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  • Saturday, August 6, 2022 - Sunday, August 21, 2022

The International Folk Art Fair, a hugely popular event with Cracovian and tourists alike, is making a welcome return! For the 46th time, between 6 and 21 August the Rynek Główny (on the Town Hall Tower side) will be taken over by stallholders including potters, lacemakers, weavers, sculptors, artists who paint on glass… It is the largest and most extensive presentation of Polish folk culture and arts and crafts in Central and Eastern Europe, creating the perfect conditions for cultivating and preserving traditional handicrafts and folk arts.

This year’s fair showcases some of the finest exhibitors whose creations serve as a reminder that folk arts and crafts are thriving, and folklore in general can be – and is! – hugely attractive to contemporary audiences. The stage features ensembles presenting the dazzling, exuberant world of captivating regional culture.

Every day after 3 pm, the fair stage will host concerts of traditional folk and folk music in a more modern sound, as well as performances by song and dance groups from almost all over Europe.





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