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Concerts without unnecessary pomposity in a beautiful scenery of Renaissance walls: classical recitals as well as non-cliché musical meetings. Light Summer Concerts of Piano Cooperative at the Villa Decius will feature works by Marta Mołodyńska-Wheeler, Ludomir Różycki’s songs, waltzes and works for four and six hands.

26 June 2022, 5pm
For Four Hands, Six Hands and… One Hand
Monika Gardoń-Preinl, Ireneusz Boczek, Piotr Różański, Grzegorz Mania
in programme works by M. Cornick, P. Scharwenka, F. Schubert, M. Moszkowski, F. Bridge

24 July 2022, 5pm
Ludomir Różycki’s Songs
Dominika Przetocka (soprano), Dominika Grzybacz (piano)

7 August 2022, 5pm
Seriously and Entertainingly
Marta Mołodyńska-Wheeler, Anna Duda
in programme works by solowe i duetowe M. Mołodyńskiej-Wheeler

14 August 2022, 5pm
Waltzes Only!
Karolina Gawarzewska, Grzegorz Mania
in programme works by P. Scharwenka, X. Scharwenka, J. Brahms, E. von Dohnanyi

28 August 2022, noon
Romatic Finale
Zarębski Piano Duo: Grzegorz Mania, Piotr Różański
in programme works by J. Brahms, J. Zarębski, W. Żeleński, A. Dvořák



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