79th Tour de Pologne

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  • Friday, August 5, 2022, 10:00 AM

The grand finale of the Tour de Pologne UCI WorldTour will traditionally take place in Krakow. This time the riders will start from the headquarters of Italian company Valsir in Skawina. And although the start and the finish line are not far from each other, the riders will have to ride over 180-kilometre route to get to Krakow. The last points for the best PZU KOM rider will be awarded in three PZU KOMs. One Bieńkówka I cat. then Budzów III cat. and finally in Podstolice III cat. Also two last LOTOO Intermediate Sprint Primes of this edition are to be won in Lanckorona and Myślenice. The stage will finish with three 5-kilometre-long rounds. The winner of the 79th Tour de Pologne UCI WorldTour will be announced on Kraków’s Błona Meadow.



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