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The Kraków Philharmoni presents: Mendelssohn and his Romantic symohonies! We will hear symphony-cantata Lobgesang (Hymn of Praise) in B flat major, posthumously named Symphony No. 2, composed to mark the celebrations in Leipzig of the supposed 400th anniversary of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg. The second part of the Mendelssohn evening is taken by his Symphony No. 5, known as the Reformation. It was supposed to be a part of the celebrations of the 300th anniversary of the Reformation. However, the composer completed it too late for the Augsburg commission to recognize the symphony for the celebrations. On the top of that Mendelssohn remained dissatisfied with the work and did not allow publication of the score. It was not performed again until 1868, more than 20 years after the composer's death. Fortunately, the work finally made its way to the concert programmes!
The concert will be led by Kraków Philharmonic’s 2021/2022 season first guest conductor Łukasz Borowicz.

Felix Mendelssohn:
- Symphony No. 2 in B flat major Op. 52 “Lobgesang”
- Symphony No. 5 in D minor Op. 107 “Reformation”

Katarzyna Hołysz – soprano I 
Marta Boberska – soprano II 
Rafał Bartmiński – tenor 
Kraków Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir
Piotr Piwko
– choirmaster
Łukasz Borowicz – conductor 



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