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  • Friday, October 22, 2021, 11:00 AM - Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Center for Persecuted Arts in Solingen, Mahalla Festival and MOCAK would like to invite you to visit the MOCAK Arcade during the weekend 22–23 October for the presentation of the international project Mobilistan – the first ever mobile country in the space of a vehicle by Manaf Halbouni and Christian Manss. Mobilistan has its own flag, anthem and passports. As part of the project, the artists become citizens and ministers of the mobile state. They visit and receive visits from citizens of the visited countries.

The project touches upon issues of statehood, territorial limitations, citizenship, identity, and freedom of movement. In addition, it also aims to stimulate discussion about existing and utopian forms of the state.

The project includes a journey through ten countries along the following route: Berlin – Dresden – Prague - Budapest – Vienna  – Zagreb  – Belgrade  – Sofia  – Istanbul – Krakow (MOCAK). The journey follows the routes taken by the refugees.

As part of their visit – as holders of a visa specially prepared by the artists – the visitors will have access to the interior of Mobilistan. Visitors will also have the opportunity to apply for citizenship of the mobile state.

We particularly recommend participation in the launch on Friday 22 October at 11 am. The artists will be officially welcomed in Krakow, and talk about the details of their project.
Running: 22 October 2021, 4 pm – 7 pm, and 23 October, 12 noon – 3 pm.

Manaf Halbouni (1984, Damascus, Syria) – studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Damascus and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, where he attended the master class of Professor Eberhard Bosslet. Halbouni received the Marion Ermer Award 2016, awarded by the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig. He has had numerous individual and group exhibitions in countries including Austria, Malta, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Christian Manss (1978, Eisenach, Germany) – studied in Leipzig. During 2012–2015 he also worked in Oberhausen, where he received a three-year scholarship from the city and the Ludwig Foundation. His works have been exhibited in individual and group exhibitions in Austria, Montenegro, France, South Korea, Germany, Poland, the United States, Switzerland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. His works can be found in several collections, including the Weisman Art Foundation in Los Angeles.



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