18th Prof. Jan Jargoń International Organ All Souls Festival

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  • Saturday, October 30, 2021 - Tuesday, November 9, 2021

As usual, the rhythm of the 18th Prof. Jan Jargoń International Organ All Souls Festival is marked by anniversaries of the passing of notable artists.
The inaugural concert recalls Marcel Dupré – the French composers and virtuoso who passed away half a century ago and whose influence on organ music is comparable to Paganini’s impact on violinism and Liszt on pianism. Dupré was also acclaimed for his phenomenal memory which allowed him to perform cycles of dozens of recitals, including Bach’s complete opus for the organ – without the aid of scores!
The event also recalls the 400th anniversary of the passing of Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck. The composer, organist and pedagogue whose work straddled the end of the Renaissance and the beginning of the Baroque was involved with Amsterdam’s Oude Kirk for over 50 years, and he only ever left his native lands for brief visits to other cities in the Netherlands. His acclaim spread all over Europe, though: he was one of the first musicians writing for keyboards, his innovation made a powerful mark on future generations (he was one of the originators of the organ fugue whose polyphonic expansiveness is rooted in just a single voice), in Germany he was known as a “maker of organists”, and the skill and complexity of his counterpoint was only matched about a century later by J.S. Bach.
One of the festival evenings will also be dedicated to Feliks Nowowiejski on the 75th anniversary of his passing. The artist is mainly remembered for setting Maria Konopnicka’s patriotic poem The Oath to music (coincidentally, penned in Kraków!), but he was also a virtuoso of the organ, a multi-award winning composer of organ, symphonic and oratorio music and a tireless organiser of cultural life.
By attending festival concerts we’ll explore Kraków’s space and time – from the Gothic Church of the Holy Cross, via the Baroque Pauline and Carmelite Basilicas to the Modernist Jesuit Basilica and the contemporary Sanctuary of Divine Mercy.
As we listen to the magnificent organ sounds in Cracovian churches, let’s also recall the festival patron Prof. Jan Jargoń (1928–1995) – virtuoso, composer and expert on the renovation of antique and the construction of new instruments.

30 October 2021 (Saturday), 7pm
Jesuit Basilica
Marcel Dupré (1886–1971) in memoriam (on the 50th anniversary of his death)
organ class of Prof. Dariusz Bąkowski-Kois
(Academy of Music in Kraków): Bartłomiej Maziarz, Jakub Kapała, Stanisław Hrynkiewicz, Marcin Kucharczyk and Prof. Dariusz Bąkowski-Kois
Marcel Dupré

  • Prelude and Fugue in B major Op. 7 No. 1 (1912) /Bartłomiej Maziarz
  • Variations sur un Noël Op. 20 (1922) /Jakub Kapała
  • Variations Adeste fideles (1929) / Dariusz Bąkowski-Kois
  • Vision Op. 44 (1947) / Stanisław Hrynkiewicz
  • Psaume XVIII Cæli enarrant gloriam Dei Op. 47 (1949), fragm. / Marcin Kucharczyk
  • Sortie Op. 62/III (1965) / Dariusz Bąkowski-Kois

2 November 2021 (Tuesday), 7pm
Holy Cross Church
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562–1621) in memoriam (on the 400th anniversary of his death)

organ class of Prof. Marcin Szelest
(Academy of Music in Kraków): Artur Szczerbinin, Piotr Michalik, Marcin Surdziel, Adam Zając and Prof. Marcin Szelest
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562–1621)

  • Toccata (d1) SwWV 285 / Marcin Szelest
  • Fantasia [a 4: Echo] SwWV 261 / Marcin Szelest
  • Paduana Lachrymae SwWV 328 / Marcin Szelest
  • Balleth del granduca SwWV 319 / Artur Szczerbinin
  • Unter den Linden grüne SwWV 325 / Artur Szczerbinin
  • Toccata (G1) SwWV 288 / Piotr Michalik
  • Psalm 23 Mein Hüter und mein Hirt SwWV 310 / Piotr Michalik
  • Von der Fortuna werd ich getrieben SwWV 320 / Marcin Surdziel
  • Da pacem Domine in diebus nostris SwWV 302 / Adam Zając
  • Fantasia Ut re mi fa sol la SwWV 263 / Adam Zając

3 November 2021 (Wednesday), 8pm
Pauline Basilica
Wacław Golonka
Georg Friedrich Haendel (1685–1759) Sinfonia from oratorio Saul HWV 53 (arr. F.A. Guilmant / W. Golonka)
Johann Kaspar Kerll (1627–1693) Passacaglia
Johann Pachelbel (1653–1706) Ciacona in d
Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (1875–1911) Fugue in C sharp minor

Marian Sawa (1937-2005) Nordic Fantaisie
Peter Eben (1929-2007) Partita

Dmitri Dianov (*1963) Tarantella

4 November 2021 (Thursday), 8pm
Carmelite Basilica
Peter Van de Velde (Antwerp/Belgium)
Paul de Maleingreau (1887–1956) Suite Op. 14 (IV. Toccata, II. Chorale)
Léon Jongen (1884–1969) In memoriam regis
Camille Jacquemin (1899–1947) Organ Symphony in B minor

  • I. Foi / Faith
  • II. Espérance / Hope
  • III. Charité / Love

5 November 2021 (Friday), 10am
Academy of Music in Kraków, room 319
2nd International Session Traditional and Modern Elements in Organ Music of the 20th Century
papers by: Ines Maidre, Peter Van de Velde, Elżbieta Karolak, Wacław Golonka, Marek Fronc, Dariusz Bąkowski-Kois

5 November 2021 (Friday), 7pm
Sanctuary of Divine Mercy
Feliks Nowowiejski (1877–1946) in memoriam (on the 75th anniversary of his death)

Elżbieta Karolak
Feliks Nowowiejski (1877–1946)
Organ Symphony No. 4 in D minor Op. 45 No. 4

  • I. Introduzione. Allegro moderato
  • II. Consolatrix afflictorum
  • III. Toccata

In Paradisum Op. 61

  • I. Grave dramatico
  • II. Grave – pesante e triste
  • III. Andantino cantabile
  • IV. Moderato – lamentoso
  • V. Andantino
  • VI. Un poco con moto
  • VII. [...]; Epilogue: In Paradisum

6 November 2021 (Saturday), 7pm
Jesuit Basilica
Estonian Organ Music of the Early 20th Century
Ines Maidre (Bergen/Norway, Pärnu/Estonia)
Rudolf Tobias (1873–1918) 12 Chorale Preludes (1914)

  • Sollt´ ich meinem Gott nicht singen
  • Werde munter mein Gemüthe
  • Fröhlich soll mein Herze springen (Et in terra pax)

Peeter Süda (1883–1920)

  • Fugue in F minor (1910)
  • Basso ostinato (1914)
  • Ave Maria (1914)
  • Scherzino (1917)

Rudolf Tobias

  • Nun ruhen alle Wälder (1914)
  • Fugue in D minor (1905)

Peeter Süda

  • Pastorale (1920)
  • Prelude and Fugue in G minor (1920)

7 November 2021 (Sunday), 5pm
Corpus Christi Church
Marek Fronc
Gerard Bunk (1888–1958)

  • Einleitung, Variationen und Fuge über ein Altniderländisches Volkslied in D minor Op. 31
  • Elegie in B minor Op. 28 No. 3
  • Adagio in D flat major Op. 28 No. 4
  • Canzone in G major Op. 54 No. 7
  • Passacaglia in A minor Op. 40

8 November 2021 (Monday), 8pm
Pauline Basilica
Aleksandra Honcel-Banek – violin
Bartłomiej Banek – organ
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750) Prelude and Fugue in E flat major BWV 552
Tomaso Albinoni (1671–1751) Adagio in G minor
Georg Böhm (1661–1733) Vater unser im Himmelreich
Tomaso Antonio Vitali (1663–1745) Chaconne in g
Mieczysław Surzyński (1866–1924) Improvisations on the Theme of “Święty Boże” Op. 38

9 November 2021 (Tuesday), 7pm
Holy Cross Church
Jochem Schuurman (Franeker/Netherlands)
Franz Tunder (1614–1667) Praeludium in g
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562–1621)

  • Psalm 140
  • Toccata 9. toni (a1) SwWV 296

Georg Böhm (1661–1733)

  • Nun bitten wir den Heil'gen Geist
  • Praeludium in F

Matthias Weckmann (1616–1674) Fugue in d
Dietrich Buxtehude (1637–1707)

  • Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ BuxWV 196
  • Toccata in F BuxWV 156



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