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If you imagine contemporary music to be elitist, hermetic and difficult, it’s mainly just your imagination. The Art Forum Festival is here to show us otherwise! The brand-new interdisciplinary project by the Art Forum Foundation, celebrating its tenth anniversary, comprises concerts, performances and installations accompanied by an international academic conference.

The events centre around three main themes. The first, “music contexts”, features the project Invisible Cities in which Claudio Jacomucci transposes Italo Calvino’s acclaimed novel of the same title for prepared accordion and intermedia. The theme is also explored by Dialogues (between early and contemporary music) and a concert marking the 90th birthday of Sofia Gubaidulina, intertwining her compositions with Baroque works by Johann Sebastian Bach.
The theme “intermedia” is explored by Aleksander Janicki’s performative installation Zakamarki and the concert installation Clara im Rückspiegel in which the Werkbühne Leipzig artistic collective juxtaposes works by Clara Schumann with those by contemporary female German composers. They’ll show us that music can be explored with senses other than hearing.
“World premieres” are represented by the latest works by Peter Machajdík (Slovakia), Tyler Versluis (Canada), Beniamin Baczewski and Maciej Zimka (Poland), and the 8th Concert of World Premieres of Pieces for Accordion.

Let’s enter the world of accessible, attractive and open contemporary music!

1 October 2021, 7pm
St Martin’s Church
Piotr Lato – clarinet
Stanislav Šurin (Slovakia) – organ
In programme: J.S. Bach, J. Cabanilles, B. Galuppi, R.M. Klisowski, E. Křenek, l, De Lorenzo, F. Mendelssohn, S. Šurin, H. Sutermeister

5 October 2021, 7pm
Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music in Kraków, Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar Concert Hall
8th Concert of World Premieres of Pieces for Accordion
Alena Budziňáková, Mateusz Dudek, Wiesław Ochwat, Grzegorz Palus, Aleksander Stachowski, Maciej Zimka – accordions
Piotr Lato – clarinet
Damian Lipień – bassoon
Wiesław Suruło – flute
Beata Malczewska – actress
LLLeggiero Woodwind Trio
In programme: B. Boba-Dyga, A. Brych, P. Machajdík, A. Kryvych, V. Kyrylov, T. Versluis

14–16 October 2021
Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music in Kraków
International Science and Art Conference Towards New Harmony V “Sources, Inspirations, Contexts. Solo and Chamber Literature for Wind Instruments and Accordion” (accompanying event with concerts)
14 October 2021, 9am–noon
Senate Hall
Lectures: Mateusz Dudek, Tomasz Sowa, Urszula Janik (prof. UMFC), Prof. Claudio Jacomucci
14 October 2021, 7pm
Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar Concert Hall
Solo and Chamber Concert
Piotr Lato, Andrzej Wojciechowski – clarinets
Monika Sęk – oboe
Paweł Cal – horn
Damian Lipień – bassoon
Wiesław Suruło, Urszula Janik – flutes
Wojciech Turek – bassoon
Tomasz Stolarczyk – trombone
Marianna Waszkiewicz, Emilia Bernacka – piano
In programme: B. Baczewski, B. Britten, S. Karg-Elert, B. Konowalski, M. Meyer-Olbersleben, M. Zimka
15 October 2021, 9am–noon
Senate Hall
Lectures: Prof. Franz Forst, Prof. Piotr Pyc, DSc Magdalena Jakubska-Szymiec, DSc Andrzej Wojciechowski
15 October 2021, 7pm
Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar Concert Hall
Solo and Chamber Concert
Mateusz Dudek, Wiesław Ochwat, Maciej Zimka – accordions
Franz Forst, Damian Lipień – bassoons
Piotr Pyc, Marek Mleczko – oboes
Magdalena Margańska-Dec – flute
Magdalena Jakubska-Szymiec – saxophone
Piotr Lato – clarinet
Grzegorz Szymiec – guitar
Wioletta Fluda, Monika Gardoń-Preinl, Dagmara Niedziela – piano
In programme: N.V. Benzton, G.F. Haas, F. Mignone, M. Pasieczny, P. Peszat, J. Sibelius, Y. Stankovych, I. Yun, M. Zieliński, M. Zimka
16 October 2021, 9am–noon
Senate Hall
Lectures: DSc Wiesław Suruło, PhD Maciej Zimka, PhD Wiesław Ochwat, DSc Wojciech Turek
16 October 2021, 7pm
Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar Concert Hall
Invisibile Cities (2021)
Claudio Jacomucci (Italy) – accordion, intermedia

23 October 2021, 7pm
Zakamarki (2021), performative installation
Aleksander Janicki – performance, idea, realisation

24 October 2021, 7pm
St Catherine’s Church
Concert on the 90th birthday annicersary of Sofia Gubaidulina
Maria Sławek – violin
Marcin Zdunik – cello
Wiesław Ochwat, Maciej Zimka – accordions
In programme: J.S. Bach, S. Gubaidulina

20 November 2021, 5:30pm
Palace of Arts
Clara im Rückspiegel
, concert installation for voice, viola, piano and video
Werkbühne Leipzig (Germany)
In programme: V. Dinescu, A. Schlünz, B. Özçelebi, C. Schumann



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