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The curators of the first instalment of the new permanent exhibition at the Museum of Photography in Kraków have analysed one of the oldest and most popular iconographic themes in our cultural circles. They have concluded that just like a camera lens, the history of portraiture focuses on the stylistic changes that take place over the years. The exhibition Portrait traces this evolution through the example of the medium which perfectly captivates social and cultural phenomena from the mid-19th century onwards. Prior to then, commissioning one’s own portrait was the privilege only available to the elites; the invention of photography in 1839 and the rapid improvement of registering images on light-sensitive materials meant that portraiture became a democratic tool available to all. Today, selfies are ubiquitous, so it will be fascinating to step back in time to examine the origins of this contemporary phenomenon. (Dorota Dziunikowska, “Karnet” monthly)

Tickets to permanent exhibition PLN 12/8 zł, family PLN 6, group members PLN 8/6



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