Father Mother Tunnel of Frights


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The "Tunnel of Frights" of the title might seem to suggest a fairground attraction, but here it also describes a specific situation (or trap?) into which every couple falls when a baby comes into their lives. “Sometimes my parents irritate me. I have known them for some years, and an exchange of opinions always turns foul at the same point. Before I came along, they must have been a beautiful couple. There are photographs where they look utterly carefree. At first I thought they were created for me alone. They are the only parents I will ever have…,” says Otto, the son in Heckmanns' drama. “It is not irrelevant here that the director cast the Peszek family in a fairly unusual configuration. Błażej Peszek plays the husband of his real wife, Katarzyna Krzanowska, and their father and father-in-law, Jan Peszek, plays the child. This takes the performance to a higher level of metaphor, and the parental issues loop in an inter-generational contradance,” wrote Magda Huzarska-Szumiec in Gazeta Krakowska. It takes true mastery to deal with traumatic matters with such a light and appealing touch.

This play was translated as part of the Villa Decius and Polish-German Cooperation Foundation “Creative Scholarship 2012” program.

Directed by: Wojtek Klemm

Katarzyna Krzanowska
Błażej Peszek
Jan Peszek

Translation: Iwona Nowacka
Set design: Wojtek Klemm
Costumes - Julia Kornacka
Music - Dominik Strycharski
Stage manager / prompter - Ewa Wrześniak



  • PLN 45/30
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